Hannah Lee for Ashton's 10th Birthday
Hannah Lee for Ashton's 10th Birthday

"You know it’s a hit when your son and friends can’t stop talking in delight about having a ice cream booth in the flat and the unlimited ice cream along with it for his 10 year old bday celebration!

I must say that I truly appreciate Tiff’s responsiveness and most importantly, her enthusiasm in setting up the the booth with our son’s favourite Star Wars characters, aside from the ice cream booth, at no extra cost too. It was just so heartwarming to receive such complimentary services as we had only selected the most basic ice cream service . Not to mention, it took a good 40 mins to set up the deco and ice cream booth. This was how dedicated Tiff was in making the setup look fantastic even though it was in a flat setting with limited space.

Really really so glad to have engaged cones island! Thank you once again. 🙂"


Hannah Lee

Asthon's 10th Birthday Party

at 455 Sin Ming Avenue,

17 April 2022