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To help you & your company's promotional efforts, Cone Island has a unique way of advertising and branding. Cone sleeves, ice cream cone holders which we call "ice cream palette", flaglets and toppers, are just few examples of how we can help you promote your brand and make sure each dessert that we

Wanting to deviate from the norm, we came up with a cutesy form of dessert without feeling too guilty. Hence the birth of our most in demand and best seller Mini Ice Cream!

Cone Island has its own version of Singaporean Ice Cream. We use the same old-school fluffy rainbow bread and crunchy wafers with rounded scoops of ice cream! To top it up, we have a variety of toppings to add on too! Indeed, nothing beats a CLASSIC… with a little twist!

Indulge your guests with a variety of ice cream using the classic way, in cups! Sprinkled with toppings and let's not forget, the wafer on top!

Some people may take their own sweet time to finish an ice cream hence we introduce our regular-size scoop of ice cream on a sugar cone! Our sugar cones are so c-r-u-n-c-h-y that it won't get soggy even on melting hot weather!

Satisfy everyone’s taste buds with this all-time favourite 2 in 1 snack & dessert – Belgian Waffles! Parties are all about indulgence anyways!

Refreshing, cold and yummy! Soda partnered with ice cream comes in great pair! And then topped with our signature touch, MINI ICE CREAM cone!

Due to Covid-19, we have launched our NEWEST Basic Signature Mini Ice Cream Package! It is suitable for small groups and home-based gatherings. The self-serve idea is best for groups who want to try scooping by themselves and make this a fun activity too!

Want to elevate your event without spending too much? Our most affordable among all the packages that we offer but still comes with a decorated booth!

Wow your guests with the latest trend in the dessert world! Donuts were presented beautifully on a wall display together with some other sweet-tooth snacks. This Dessert Bar is perfect for any type of event to please both your guests’ eyes and mouths!

Popping of goodness and fun! Our Free-Flow Popcorn station is always a hit for any type of event and any year of age!

You'll never get wrong with this classic live station! Our Free-Flow Cotton Candy Floss would surely be the highlight of your event!

Two are always better than one! Enjoy a reduced price of our Free-Flow Combo of Popcorn and Candy Floss! Why stick to just one when you can enjoy two of the best world without going over budget?!

Looking for a nostalgic effect for your event? Our Kacang Puteh Package which consists of a variety of nuts, peas, and some prawn tastes snacks would definitely be a hit to everyone of all ages! As they always say, nothing beats a classic!

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